Word To PDF - How to create a PDF file from a Word document

Simply use the free and easy to use PDF24 Creator desktop application to convert your Word file to a PDF. If you do not want to or if you can't install new software, then you can use the PDF24 Online PDF Converter to convert the file online.

Convert a Word document to a PDF using the free PDF24 Creator

  1. Download the free PDF24 Creator from this site
  2. Run the setup and follow the on-screen instructions
  3. Right-click on the Word document that you want to convert into a PDF
  4. Select "print" from the context-menu (the menu that pops up when you right-click)
  5. Then select the printer named "PDF24"
  6. Hit the "print" button
  7. The PDF24 PDF Creator pops up and you can view and save the Word document as a PDF file.
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Use the free PDF24 Online PDF Converter to convert a Word document to a PDF file

  1. Use your browser to go to the Online PDF Converter page
  2. Choose the Word document that should be converted into a PDF
  3. Press the "GO" button
  4. Wait until you receive an email containing your converted Word document in PDF format.
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