Virtual PDF Printer to create PDF files

A virtual PDF printer is software which acts like a normal printer within your system, but this virtual printer creates a PDF file from the file that you have printed. The free PDF24 Creator installs such a virtual PDF printer for you.

What is a virtual PDF printer?

A virtual PDF printer is a special printer device in your system to create PDF files via the printer interface. The virtual PDF printer can be used like any other printer. If you print on the virtual PDF printer, you create a PDF version of that which you have printed.

A virtual PDF printer is a very generic way to create PDF files because most applications have a print option and therefore you can create a PDF version of almost any document. Just open that document with the application which can read the file, hit the "print" button and print the file on the virtual PDF printer to create a PDF file.

Install the easy to use PDF24 Creator to get a free virtual PDF printer with a lot of other useful features

The PDF24 Creator installs for you a free virtual PDF printer. Always print on the PDF24 PDF printer if you need a PDF file. If you print on the PDF24 PDF printer then the PDF24 assistant opens where you can save the created PDF file.

The PDF24 Creator itself is an award winning PDF Creator which uses a virtual PDF printer to create PDF files. There are also a lot of other features on board so that you can do something more with the created PDF files.

The features list of this application is large and you also get some features that you wouldn't expect from a free PDF creator.

More about the PDF24 Creator

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