Compress and shrink PDF files

It is very easy to install a PDF Printer with PDF24. The PDF printer from PDF24 installs on its own. Read yourself how easy it is for you to install a PDF printer from which you can then create PDF files.

Why compress PDF files and shrink them?

PDF files need to be compressed for multiple purposes or you have to reduce the file size of a PDF for multiple purposes. Think about the applications that you send over the internet via email. PDF files cannot be arbitrarily large when sending an email if you want the PDF file to reach the receiver. A mailbox is not always as large as needed and there is a risk that the recipient's mailbox will reject your PDF file. Inexperienced users do not pay attention to the file size. A PDF file for an application can be sometimes very large unintentionally if you do not pay attention to some factors. An application often has images in it and this is why PDF files become large, something that is often missed because the user didn’t pay close attention to the file as it was being created.

In order to get a handle on the size of the PDF while not having to worry so much about how one reduces the size of a PDF file, we have developed a small program that carries out this task. The program is part of PDF24 Creator and is called PDF24 Compress. You can download the latest version of PDF24 Creator right from this page. The program is free and is used by millions of users. The PDF24 Creator is a tool which deals with the creation of PDF files.

Install PDF24 Compress

The tool PDF24 Compress is part of PDF24 Creator. Download the free PDF24 Creator from this page, download and install the software. After downloading just double click the downloaded file. Setup starts and guides you through the installation. After installation, you can start the PDF24 compression program on your desktop. Click on the PDF24 icon.

Compress PDF files with PDF24 and shrink the size of PDF files

Start PDF24 Compress. Open your PDF files that you want shrinked. For this, use the appropriate icon or simply drag and drop them into the file list. Your PDF files will be shown in the list.

The tool loads the file and displays the current size and the compressed size. Using certain parameters, you can control the compression. Adjust the parameters to suit your preferences. An information for each parameter variable is integrated into the tool. After customizing the parameters click on the icon "Recalculate Size" in order to calculate the new file size. If the file size is in the range of your imagination, you can see the result and compare the quality of the original. If the result of the compression and the quality are sufficient, you can save your compressed PDF file. Otherwise, you simply adjust the parameters and then check again.

With PDF24 Compress you can reduce the size of the file significantly in some cases. Depending on the nature of the original file and the parameters used, reductions of more than half the original size are not uncommon.

More about the PDF24 Creator

Compress PDF files online

If you do not want to install any software or if you need an online tool to reduce the size of PDF files, PDF24 also has a suitable tool for you. PDF24 offers you various free online PDF tools with which you can easily solve many PDF problems. You can also shrink PDF files with one of them.

Compress PDF files online

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