Screen Capture To PDF - Capture your screen as a PDF file

The free PDF24 Creator helps you to capture your screen and to create a PDF file of it. Multiple ways are supported. You can capture the whole or only a portion of your screen and you can also join multiple screen captures to get one final file.

Simply use the PDF24 Creator to capture your screen and to create a PDF

The PDF24 Creator is a free PDF creator with the support to take screen captures and to create a PDF file from the captured images. Do the following steps to take a screen capture and to create a PDF file:

  1. Download and install the free PDF24 Creator
  2. Now there should be the PDF24 task bar icon (normally at the bottom right on your screen)
  3. Right-click that icon and select the screen capture option you want
  4. The PDF24 Creator then takes the screen capture and creates a PDF file. The assistant opens, where you can save or choose to do something else with the new file.

The PDF24 Creator brings you a lot more tools to create PDF files. Screen captures are only one feature of the software. Another feature is the PDF printer to create PDF files via the printer dialog of an application.

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