Scan To PDF - Import from scanner and create a PDF file

You can import data from a scanner and you can convert that data into a PDF file. A PDF file is the best advantage when you import multiple files from a scanner because you then have all pages in one file.

Simply use the PDF24 Creator to scan to PDF

The PDF24 Creator is a free PDF creator with the support to import from scanner or camera. Take the following steps to scan to PDF:

  1. Download and install the PDF24 Creator
  2. Open the PDF24 Creator
  3. Select File->Import->Scanner to open the scanner interface
  4. Choose your settings and click "scan"
  5. The PDF24 Creator receives the files from the scanner and creates a PDF file and you should see the new file in the right window pane
  6. Click the Save As icon to save the imported file.

You can also import more files and if you have imported all your files you can compose new files based on the imported ones by dragging and dropping pages from one file to another file. If a page is rotated, mark that page and click the rotate left or rotate right icon to bring the page to the correct orientation. If you have created your final file, save it.

More about the PDF24 Creator

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