phpBB PDF Mod - Create PDF files out of your phpBB forum

The PDF24 phpBB PDF mod is an integration of the PDF24 Online PDF Converter into the phpBB forum software. This mod enables your visitors to export articles as PDF.

How does the phpBB mod work?

After installing this mod, a small box is displayed above each article, in which an email address can be entered. After clicking the "GO" button, a PDF will be created from the articles and sent to the entered email address.

The created PDF lists all articles. The top of the PDF contains your forum name, linked with your forum. Each article is linked with the article in your forum too.

Installation of phpBB PDF MOD

The download package, which you can download from this page, contains a mod for the phpBB forum version 2.x and 3.x. Each version contains an install instruction in phpBB style.

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