PDF To Image Converter - Convert PDF files to images with the free PDF24 Creator

Pages of PDF files can be converted to images. You could open a PDF file and you could make a screenshot, but this is a bad solution if you want the whole page as an image. A better solution is the free PDF24 Creator. You can open your PDF file and you can export one or more pages as an image.

The PDF24 Creator is a free PDF creator & PDF printer to create PDF files, but the software is not limited to creating PDF files only. You can also export to image files so that the PDF24 Creator can be used as a PDF to image converter.

This is how it works:
  • Download and install the PDF24 Creator
  • Open the PDF24 Creator
  • Load your PDF file by dragging & dropping the file into the right window pane. Now you can see a preview of the file. You can drop any file, not only PDF files.
  • Click the Save As icon in the toolbar
  • Then you can select the output filter to use. Choose the image type you want and make your required settings.
  • Click "continue" and then select the file where you want to save the image(s).
If the file contains more than one page then each page is saved as a new image file. A page number suffix is appended automatically to the selected image file name.

More about the PDF24 Creator

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