Set a PDF password to protect a PDF file with a password

PDF files can be protected with a password so that the password has to be entered in order to open the file. You can also apply some security settings so that you can prevent the file from being printed. The PDF24 Creator helps you to do all that.

How to set a PDF password

The PDF24 Creator is a free PDF creator & PDF printer for creating PDF files. Password protection is one of the features of the software. You can password protect a PDF file to prevent it from being opened and you can password protect a PDF file to set security settings and to prevent printing or copying of text and images.

Here's how it works:
  • Download, install and open the PDF24 Creator
  • Load your PDF file by dragging & dropping the file into the right window pane. Now you can see a preview of the file. You can drop any file, not only PDF files.
  • Click the Save As icon in the toolbar to open the Save As dialog
  • Select the PDF output filter and open the security page.
  • Mark the check box to use the security settings and enter your passwords
  • Click “Next” and then select the file where you want to save the new password protected PDF file.

More about the PDF24 Creator

Differences between the owner and user PDF password

You can set two passwords in the security page. That's the file owner password which is required to protect the file and additionally you can set the user password which is required to open the password.

Keep in mind that the owner has full access to the file, so it is often a good idea to choose different passwords. If both passwords are the same and somebody opens the PDF file with that password, then the opener automatically has full access to the file because he opened the file as the owner. If you want to prevent printing, and set a password to open the file, then you have to choose a different password.

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