Freely merge multiple PDF files

With the free PDF24 Creator you get an interface with which you can freely merge multiple files page-based. You can drag & drop pages from one file into another, you can move, delete and rotate pages and you can do a lot of other things.

Simply use the PDF24 Creator to merge PDF files

The PDF24 Creator is a free PDF creator with the support to merge multiple files. Take the following steps to merge files and to create a PDF file:
  1. Download and install the free PDF24 Creator
  2. Open the PDF24 Creator
  3. Import the files you want to merge by dropping them into the right-hand window page
  4. Now you should see the pages of all your loaded files
  5. If you only want to join the files, simply click the join icon to append all pages to a single file.
  6. You can also freely merge the pages by dragging a page and dropping it into another file. This way you can create a new file based on pages from other documents.
  7. If you have merged all the pages, mark the document you want to save and click the save icon to save the merged file.
You can load any file you want. The PDF24 Creator uses a virtual PDF printer to bring your file to the right format so that the PDF24 Creator can read the file. That's a very powerful feature because now you can load a Word file, a text file, an image, a PDF file or another one and then you can pick the pages from the documents you want and create a new file with the page you need.

More about the PDF24 Creator

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