Bind a document with a digital PDF letterhead

Companies usually have a ready-made letterhead that they use for literal printing. This can also be done digitally by associating a digital PDF letterhead with the actual document. With the PDF24 Creator this is very easy to implement.

What is a digital PDF paper?

A digital PDF letterhead is a document that displays the letterhead. It is not real paper but instead exists as a digital file. This digital letterhead can form the basis of letters and other documents. The actual letter or the actual document must be bound to the letterhead. The letterhead is applied to the background and the actual letter to the foreground. Visually this produces the same effected as if it were printed with a real letterhead. The actual letter is printed onto a special letterhead. The letterhead in this case becomes the background. The ideal format for the letterhead is the PDF file format. In this format the original letterhead can be depicted accurately. The PDF format can be bound later with the actual letter to produce a complete document, as if you had printed it on a real printer.

How do I bind a letter with a PDF letterhead?

First, you need to create a PDF file from the actual letter and then bind it to the PDF letterhead. With the PDF24 Creator you can do this in a few simple steps.

  • Download the PDF24 Creator from this site and install the software. After the installation a virtual printer will appear that you can quickly create PDF files with.
  • Print your letter with the PDF printer. Save the document from the assistance window.
  • Under the PDF output format you will find the option to use a digital letterhead. Choose your digital letterhead in PDF format here and connect your application to the Letterhead.
  • Save your document.

In this way you can bind your letter with a letterhead. Please note that the letterhead must be in the correct format so that the output is in accordance with the result you want.

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How do I create a digital PDF letterhead?

You can download a digital PDF letterhead from the internet or purchase it from different online vendors. Another option is to create your own letterhead using the PDF printer.

  • Create it with a word processing program such as Word and include all information and pictures you want.
  • Set the correct file format and margins.
  • Print on the PDF printer from PDF24 and save it as a PDF through the wizard/assistance window.

Your letterhead is now finished. This letterhead PDF can now be used with the PDF24 Creator as your Letterhead template.

Combine a document and a digital paper online

If you can’t install the PDF24 Creator or you don’t use your PC, there is also an online PDF tool which you can use to combine the files. The online PDF24 tool is also free and easy to use. Select document and digital paper and click the combine button and the rest is done by the tool. You can download the result afterwards.

Combine document and digital paper online

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