Digital papers and PDF files

Combine a digital paper with the actual file or printout to create the final PDF file. Companies often have a special paper sheet with the company logo and some other company specific information which shall appear on company documents. Use a digital paper and combine that file with the actual content to create a final file which you can send to your clients. Read how that works below.

Use the PDF24 Creator to create a digital paper PDF file

To create a digital paper PDF file you can use the PDF printer of the PDF24 Creator. Simply use Word or another text writer and create your digital paper. Then print the file on the PDF24 PDF printer to create the PDF file of your digital paper. That digital paper can now be used to combine it with another PDF file.

Simply use the PDF24 Creator to combine a digital paper with a PDF file

The PDF24 Creator is a free PDF creator with the support to add a digital paper to a PDF file. Do the following to add the digital paper:
  1. Download and install the free PDF24 Creator.
  2. Create a digital paper as explained above via the PDF printer.
  3. Open the PDF24 Creator and drag & drop the file you want to combine with the digital paper.
  4. Click the Save As icon in the toolbar to open the Save As dialog.
  5. Select the digital paper page of the PDF output filter.
  6. Select your created digital paper file and mark the check box to use the digital paper settings.
  7. Continue and save the file.
Now you have a PDF file combined with your digital paper. To automate these steps a little bit you could save all your settings of the Save As dialog to a profile which you can then select from the profile chooser the next time you save a PDF file.

More about the PDF24 Creator

Combine a document and a digital paper online

If you can’t install the PDF24 Creator or you don’t use your PC, there is also an online PDF tool which you can use to combine the files. The online PDF24 tool is also free and easy to use. Select document and digital paper and click the combine button and the rest is done by the tool. You can download the result afterwards.

Combine document and digital paper online

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