Merging PDF files

With the free PDF24 Creator you can easily merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file. The software has been awarded several times and besides being able to merge PDF files, there are many other useful functions that are frequently necessary.

How can I merge multiple PDF files into one PDF?

This task is very easy to do with the PDF24 Creator. First, open the PDF24 Creator and drag the PDF files you want to merge in the right window. The area is marked accordingly. The PDF24 Creator opens your files and offers a preview.

You can now change the order of the files by clicking on the icons in the menu bar. The file that is listed at the top of the list will be integrated as the first in the new document. All other follow in turn.

If you prefer a certain order, you only have to click on the appropriate icon for joining files (2 rings) in the menu bar. From all files there will now be a new document. Save your new file by clicking on the Save icon.

Deleting pages, adding pages and page-assembly of PDF files with PDF24 Creator is also a breeze.

Not only can the PDF24 Creator combine all PDF files, but it lets you work on them page by page. In this way you can delete individual pages, or insert pages from a different file or you can simply move pages. With these functions, you can combine or create your file based on other files in many different ways. With these functions, you can combine or create your file based on other files in many different ways.

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Alternative: Merge PDF files online

If you do not want to install any software or you need an online tool to quickly create a new PDF, then the corresponding tool in the PDF24 toolbox is right for you. PDF24 offers you various free PDF tools with which you can easily solve many PDF problems online, and with one of them you can merge PDF files. This is how it works:

  • Simply open the app with the link below.
  • Drag files to the appropriate file box as a basis.
  • The files are loaded and the pages are displayed.
  • Now click on the pages that should be included in the new document.
  • If necessary, correct the order of the pages by drag and drop.
  • If everything fits, you can save your new PDF file.

Merge PDF files online

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