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The PDF24 Online PDF Converter also supports HTML files. You can convert a whole website or you can convert HTML formatted text to PDF. The converter is easy to use. Simply copy and paste the HTML formatted text or enter the URL of a website, click the "convert" button and download your PDF file.

Convert HTML web pages to PDF

The easiest way that you can convert HTML websites to PDF is to use your browser to open the website and to use the print function to print the site on a PDF printer. Download the free PDF24 PDF printer from this website and install the application. The PDF24 Creator installs for you a virtual PDF printer which you can use to convert your HTML websites to the PDF format. Simply print them on the PDF24 PDF printer and then you will get a PDF file.

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You can also use the free PDF24 Online URL To PDF Converter to convert HTML websites to PDF. Here you do not need to install anything. Enter the website URL, hit the "convert" button and a few seconds later you will have a well formatted PDF.

URL To PDF Converter

Convert HTML formatted text to PDF

If you just have HTML formatted text, you could open this text with a web browser to print it on the PDF24 PDF printer. You can also copy and paste the text into the PDF24 Online PDF Converter form to convert the text online, without installing additional software. Open the PDF24 Online Converter page, paste your text there and click the "GO" button to get your text converted.

Online Document To PDF Converter

The opposite way: Convert PDF files back to HTML

This is also possible with PDF24. An app available in the PDF24 toolbox for converting a PDF back to HTML makes the conversion a breeze. This is how:
  1. Open the tool via the following link
  2. Select PDF files you would like to convert
  3. Select the HTML output format
  4. Start conversion
  5. Save the result

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