Fax online - Send and receive faxes online

The PDF24 Fax service makes it possible to send and receive faxes online, directly from your PC. You do not need a fax machine. You can get a private fax number in order to receive faxes via email.

It is so easy to send faxes online

The new PDF24 Creator brings an easy to use fax feature. Sending faxes is pretty easy with PDF24. It's as easy as printing on a printer.

All faxes are sent via the new PDF24 Fax Service. To send faxes with the PDF24 Creator, you need a PDF24 Fax Account. You can register on the page https://fax.pdf24.org. After you have created and verified your account, faxes can be sent and you can log into your account to manage your data and all your faxes.

The PDF24 Creator setup installs a virtual fax printer which you can use like any other printer in Windows. Printing on this special printer creates a fax file which can be sent as a fax with the PDF24 Fax Service.

Sending faxes in two simple steps:
  • Print a document on the PDF24 Fax printer
  • Enter a target fax number and click "send"

That's all you have to do! Amazing, isn't it?

You don't have to print out a document on a physical printer, go to your fax machine, insert the fax, enter the target number and wait until the fax is transmitted.

All this you can do directly from you PC. How it works:

Fax Online

Receiving faxes with PDF24 is very easy. Receive your faxes by email!

The PDF24 Fax Service makes it possible that you can receive your faxes by email. Depending on the purchase tariff, you can register one or more private fax numbers (national or geographic) with which you can receive faxes. All faxes sent to your private fax number(s) will be sent to your email address so that you receive the fax by email. It can't be easier to receive faxes.

Each user also has fax file storage which stores your received faxes. This is very important if your email address is not reachable. These stored faxes can be managed in your PDF24 Fax account.

What are the advantages of PDF24 Fax Online?

You can save a lot of time and therefore a lot of money. You can send faxes from everywhere. Simply use PDF24 Fax. Several thousands of people already do it and they trust PDF24.

The fax software is completely free. You only have to download the PDF24 Creator which contains the fax feature.

In addition to the fax printer, you can also use the PDF printer that allows you to create PDF documents very easily. Everything is inside one application, for creating PDF files and sending faxes.

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