protect pdf with password

Can i protect my pdf with a password so that only people can read the pdf which have the password?

You said on some pages of your site that i can password protect a pdf. I cant find where to do.

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23.09.2009, 12:41:42
Do this: Open the PDF24 Creator and load a pdf to edit it. Right click on the same of the document, this opens the context menu. Choose properties and than security. There you can make security settings of a document. Save the file if you have finished.

You can check the password request if you open the file with Adobe Reader.

can't see password settings

18.03.2011, 00:10:29
I have previously used the security settings to create passwords on PDF files, but when I tried to do that today, there is no password option on the security tab. Am I missing a step somewhere?


07.12.2011, 21:00:22
The instructions are kind of confusing....

To do this, you must use the PDF editor, hit SAVE and it will bring up the window with all the options. One of the option is "SECURITY". Click on that and then fill in your information.


15.12.2011, 09:18:26
Yes, use the Save As dialog. There are all options. This has changed during the last new version. In older versions there was a properties dialog where you could do security settings but in newer version all options are centralized and can be used in PDF24 Editor as well as in PDF24 Assistant.

can't set password after first use

07.05.2012, 07:11:27
I was able to set password by using Save As dialog. I did same thing again with another pdf file, it did work.I have tried it several times, it just didn't require password to open although I did set password. could you please let me know why and how to set security password? Thanks!

cannot remove password created by pdf24

09.05.2014, 09:57:48
i've create password PDF by pdf24, but cannot change or remove password created...please tell us


11.10.2016, 01:16:24

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