Error creating PDF file

Hello, Im very happy with this software, but recently I have the message Error creating PDF File when I press Show PDF button or Save PDF

Message: Error creating PDF File
When: When I press Show PDF button or Save PDF
OS: Windows 7
No more details provided from the message

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05.12.2011, 08:43:18
Hm sometimes it can be that such an error occurs. Maybe in your document is a statement which is not supported. You can send you file to Then the file will be reviewed and if we find some errors in the software we will fix it.

error creating pdf file pdf24

14.04.2012, 19:20:16
Good morning,
I would like to report an error with your software version 4 .4.3 pdf24. I have a Toshiba Laptop with vista home premium operating sistem PT (Portugal) 32-bit and installed your software. Each time we use the software to transform a document or any other word appears this error "Error Creating pdf file during the process", knowing that never happened with the old version.
Have uninstalled and went back to install and still the same. I would like to help me solve the problem
Marc Santos (Portugal)

Same Problem, Error creating PDF

11.05.2013, 01:47:55
I have HP, running vista 32 bits. I just installed it and try it two different images to have it printed, but it keep saying Error Creating PDF. I want to use this software cause it has fax. but my first impression is not positive. So if someone can help please post a solution, otherwise I will use Bullzip as PDF creator.

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