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The PDF24 Creator is a free desktop PC tool to convert every printable file to a PDF. Read below how it works. A lot of other features are also included that help you to create PDF files.

How can I convert to PDF?

All you need is the PDF24 Creator to convert your documents to PDF. The PDF24 Creator installs a virtual PDF printer which you can use to convert to PDF. Always print on the PDF24 PDF printer if you need a PDF version of the file you want to be converted.

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Where can I get a PDF printer to convert to PDF?

The free and easy to use PDF24 Creator can be downloaded from this page. Just click the "download" link to the right of this article to download the latest version. After installation you will have a new printer available in your Windows system which you can use to convert to PDF.

Example: Converting a Word file to PDF

To convert a Word document to PDF do the following: Open the PDF24 Creator and drag & drop your Word document into the right-hand area of the window. The Word document will be converted to PDF if you have Microsoft Word or another Word document reader installed.

Another way to convert the Word document to PDF is to open the document and manually print it on the installed PDF24 PDF printer. This converts the file too.

Convert files to PDF online

If you don't like to install a software, you can also convert your files to PDF online. PDF24 has the right solution for you and converting files to PDF online is very simple. Just open the online converter app.

To the online PDF converter

Alternative: Use the PDF24 toolbox to convert files to PDF

With the PDF24 toolbox you can also convert files to PDF. Take a look at the online PDF tools of PDF24, where you can use more than 25 PDF Tools for free to create PDF files. For most problems in the PDF area there is a suitable PDF tool.

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