PDF24 Creator 7.8.1 released

We have just released the new PDF24 Creator 7.8.1. The new version fixes several bugs. You can download the new version from our website. The changes are the following:

BugFix: Fixed several issues regarding the screen capture feature

  • Fixed issues on systems with DPI scaled screens
  • Fixed cursor flickering when selecting an area on the screen
  • Fixed black screen issue
  • Fixed issues on systems with multiple monitors

BugFix: Fixed an auto save file name issue

  • There was a minor bug in the auto save feature when using an output profile for file types like
    PNG, JPEG or other image file types. The produced filename still contained a suffix.

PDF24 Creator 7.8.0 released


we have just released the new PDF24 Creator 7.8.0. Both installers (EXE and MSI) are available for download from our website at www.pdf24.org. The new version brings new features, improvements and fixes bugs. Following is a list of changes:

Improvement: PDF Printer settings page improved
Settings of the PDF Printer page are now automatically applied when you change the current PDF printer or when you add a new one.

Feature: Variable $printerName added to the auto save feature
The new variable $printerName can be used in the auto save configuration. This variable will be replaced with the PDF printer name on which was printed.

Feature: PDF24 Mail Interface added
We have added the new PDF24 mail interface which you can use as alternative to the other ones. The other interfaces requires a locally installed mail application such as Outlook to send mails. A lot of users do not use such an email client. That’s the reason why we have added the PDF24 Mail interface. This is a online service which can be used to send mails with PDF24.

Feature: Enable/Disable components via a HKLM
You can now enable/disable components via the registry settings under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PDFPrint or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\PDFPrint.

Feature: NoUserOverride Flag added
The flag NoUserOverride can optionally be used in the printer service settings to prevent users from overriding the configuration of a PDF printer.

BugFix: Fixed Load on Creator option
You can select the application which opens when you print on the PDF printer. There is an option for the Creator. Sometimes the assistant opened instead of the creator because of a bug in the tool selection function. We have fixed that issue.

We hope you will have fun with the new version. The next version follows in a few weeks.

PDF24 Creator 7.7.0 released

We’ve just released the new PDF24 Creator 7.7.0. The new version brings new features, improvements and fixes bugs. The new version can be downloaded from our pages at www.pdf24.org.

Changes of version 7.7.0:

Feature: Support for multiple PDF printers
We have added support for multiple PDF printers. The changes of the software were a bit larger but now the feature is available. The installer installs you one PDF printer. More PDF printers can be added via the PDF Printer settings page. There you can find a PDF printer manager where you can manage and configure your PDF printers.

Improvement: Several minor improvements and fixes
This version brings some minor improvements and fixes. The following have also been changed:

  • Drag & Drop into the bottom bar of the Creator could crash the application
  • Fixed windows size issues of two GUI dialogs
  • PDF Printer installer tool extended and improved
  • GUI rendering engine extended so that the new PDF printer manager could be implemented
  • Improvements and adjustments of the installer

Have fun with the new version. Feedback can be send to forum@pdf24.org. If you like the new version, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

PDF24 Creator 7.6.4 released

We have released the new PDF24 Creator 7.6.4. The new version fixes some bugs from previous versions. You can download the new version from https://www.pdf24.org.

The following has been changed:

BugFix: Subject was not set in the Outlook OLE email interface

The new Outlook OLE email interface did not set the subject of the new mail object. The older MAPI interface does that. We have changed that, so that the subject is now the same as in the MAPI interface.

BugFix: Fixed issues regarding showing/activating the GUI’s

We have fixed some issues with the GUI’s. The Creator e.g. lost the maximized state at startup or when a new document was available. Sometimes the GUI’s did not get activated when a new PDF was printed on the PDF printer, especially when the application was minimized. We have fixed several issues here.

BugFix: Click on the tray icon always opened the Launcher

A right click on PDF24 tray icon opens the context menu of that icon. If you clicked elsewhere on the screen to close the context menu, the PDF24 Launcher always opened. That was a bug and we have fixed that behavior.

BugFix: Fixed issues of the print feature

We have optimized the print feature of the Assistant and the Creator. The new version is a bit faster (sometimes twice as fast), shows a better status and fixes an issue with the “Print multiple copies” options.

PDF24 Creator 7.6.3 released

The new PDF24 Creator 7.6.3 fixes two bugs and brings language file updates. You can download the new version from our servers. The two fixes are the following:

* Print action of the Assistant did not applied the selected profile
* Click on the embedded image could crash the application

If you need more information about the changes, visit our changelog. If you have more issues with the current version, please send us an email to forum@pdf24.org.

PDF24 Creator 7.6.2 released

We have just released the new PDF24 Creator 7.6.2 which fixes bugs from older versions. The changes are:

Improvement: Screen Capture (user defined area) optimized
We have optimized the user defined area mode of the screen capture feature again. We have seen some more places where the tool wasn’t that robust.

BugFix: GUI Engine issue fixed
There was another small bug in the GUI engine which we have fixed in this version. The TAB key can normally be used to move the focus between the input fields but the bug caused an application crash instead.

PDF24 Creator 7.6.1 released

We have the new PDF24 Creator 7.6.1 released which fixes an odd GUI bug in the application window of the creator. If you have installed version 7.6.0 or version 7.5.0, we recommend to switch to the new version 7.6.1. You can download directly from https://www.pdf24.org/

If you have other issues, please report them by sending a mail to forum@pdf24.org.

PDF24 Creator 7.6.0 MSI released

We have released a MSI file of the current PDF24 Creator 7.6.0. You can download this MSI from our website. We have also removed the MSI of the previous version 7.5.0 because we have seen some problems with Windows 10. The MSI of the current version 7.6.0 fixes that issues and the installer should run without problems under Windows 10. If you have some issues with the current MSI, please send us an email to forum@pdf24.org.

PDF24 Creator 7.6.0 released

We have released the new PDF24 Creator 7.6.0. The new version brings one new feature, one optimization and fixes two bugs. Here is a short list with the changes:

* Outlook OLE Email Interface as an alternative added
* Screen Capture feature optimized
* Window size issue fixed
* Fixes issues with PDF-A and PDF-X generation

If you need more information about the changes have a look at our official changelog.