PDF24 Creator language file translation state

The last days we got a lot of updates regarding the language files. About the half of our 30 language files are fully translated and we try to bring as much as possible up to date for the next version.

Currently we are looking for people who can update the missing texts of the following languages:

Japanese, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Hebrew, Greek, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Croatian, Chinese Traditional, Chinese, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Swedish, Serbian

If you could do this or if you know a person who can translate from english to one of the languages mentioned above, please send them over the following link for instructions on how to translate the missing parts: https://en.pdf24.org/forum/about421.html

Most texts of the incomplete files are already translated, so that it would take only a few minutes to finalize the files.

Thank you very much for your help.

PDF24 Creator 8 available for download

The new PDF24 Creator 8 is ready and can be downloaded from the www.pdf24.org pages. The new version brings a lot of new features, optimizations and fixes some bugs. The development of the new version tooks a bit longer than expected because of the huge changes in this release.

A lot of operations on files has been accelerated, so that you can work noticeably faster with this version. Following is a list with all changes in version 8, so that you can decide to update or not. In our opinion, it’s worthwhile to update to the new version.

Release notes of the PDF24 Creator 8

  • Feature: Option to overwrite existing files added to the auto save feature
  • Feature: New function in the PDF24 tray icon
  • Feature: Uses Ghostscript 9.19
  • Feature: Information shown when an image is copied to the windows clipboard
  • Feature: Online PDF tools accessible from the launcher
  • Feature: Tooltip of a page element in the Creator shows the source file of the page
  • Feature: Progress bar improved
  • Feature: File icons added to the file tool
  • Feature: File operations of the file tool can be canceled
  • Feature: Batch processing of the file tool optimized
  • Feature: Fax profile can be selected
  • Feature: Delete print jobs with errors
  • Feature: Save automatically under a specific user
  • Feature: pdf24.exe as a Windows service
  • Feature: Cloud Print feature added
  • Improvement: A lot of core PDF functions optimized
  • Improvement: Creator loads files faster
  • Improvement: File preview in the file explorer of the creator accelerated
  • Improvement: PDF/A and PDF security can’t be used together
  • Improvement: Installer shows better status texts
  • Improvement: Time estimation of some operations optimized
  • Improvement: Faster print function
  • Improvement: Faster merging of files
  • Improvement: Improved calling Ghostscript and the Doctool process
  • Improvement: Optimized printer job file name determination
  • Improvement: Flickering in the file tool removed
  • Improvement: Language files updated
  • Improvement: Operation window optimized
  • Improvement: DocTool command line is now case insensitive
  • Improvement: Online converter requests are no longer limited to one file
  • BugFix: Tool-tip issue of hidden tiles in the launcher fixed
  • BugFix: Profile selection did not show anything if the last used profile was deleted
  • BugFix: Output profile PSD 150 DPI was broken
  • BugFix: PDF passwords can now contain umlauts
  • BugFix: Fixes an issue regarding file icons

More detailed information about all these changes can be found in the official changelog of the software under the following link: https://en.pdf24.org/pdf-creator-changelog.html

The installer of version 8 is FREE of spyware, adware, toolbars or other malware, so that you can install the new version without worries.

Wishes for future versions or reports of bugs can be send to our email address forum@pdf24.org. We will check all mails and we will put new features and bugs on our internal lists which are the basis for our development.

If you like the new version, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and fellows.

We wish you a lot of fun with this new version.

PDF24 Creator 8.0 almost finished

Following is a short status information about the current PDF24 Creator development.

Version 8.0 of the free PDF24 Creator is almost finished. We are a bit behind our plans because we decided to add some more features to version 8.0. Currently we do some testing of the new version and at the mid of this week we should have finished so that we can put the new version online. The new version improves a lot of things, fixes bugs and brings a few new features.

Online PDF tools are now mobile ready


we have optimized the PDF24 Online PDF Tools so that the tools are now also mobile ready. All of the tools should look nice on mobile devices as well as on desktop stations. If you are a mobile user of our free online PDF tools and if you have problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can fix all issues.

We will extend the tools in the coming weeks and we will make the tools even cooler. We would be pleased to welcome you as a user of our online PDF tools.

If you like the tools, please don’t forget to share the tools with your friend. Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

Optimization of www.pdf24.org

The last days we have worked hard to optimize our website https://www.pdf24.org. The pages are a lot better now.

1. We have optimized the width of the pages (1000px)
2. We use a new font
3. The text is a bit larger now and easier to read
4. Pages are now more responsive
5. We have also optimized for mobile
6. Our FAQ section is now more user friendly
7. Here and there we have changed colors
8. We have a new drop down top navigation

Some still have some minor things to optimized, but most of our optimizations are done.

The next version of our PDF24 Creator is almost finished and we try to release this version at the end of the next week.

We have also planned to optimize our online PDF tools (https://tools.pdf24.org) and make the pages better. If you have some suggestions, then please send them to us so that we can make this tools better.

Hope you had a nice week and hope to hear from you.

New online PDF tools released

We have made some great new online PDF tools which we’ve published under the URL https://tools.pdf24.org/. The new tools are free, fast and really easy to use. We will continuously extend this tools section to make this area better. We have worked hard to create such a tools section and we have made them as easy as possible for you. If you have some time then please have a look at the new tools and tell us what we can make better. We hope that you will like the new online PDF tools. If you don’t, please tell us why.

PDF24 Creator 7.9.0 available for download


we have released the new PDF24 Creator 7.9.0 and you can download the new version from our website at www.pdf24.org. The new version brings new features, improvements and fixes some bugs. We have done a lot to make the new version better than before. The following changes are part of version 7.9.0:

  • Feature: CTRL+V support within the Assistant and compression tool
  • Feature: Compression tool now accepts all file types
  • Feature: Compression tool added to the assistant
  • Feature: A file can be dropped to the PDF24 Launcher
  • Feature: Config option EmailInterface can be used in the HKLM config section
  • Feature: Extended the printer installer tool
  • Improvement: New Windows Explorer context menu extension
  • Improvement: PDF printer description improved
  • Improvement: Improved loading of multiple files within the creator
  • Improvement: Author no longer automatically added to a PDF
  • Improvement: Auto rotate pages option are made more intelligent
  • Improvement: The continue button of the Save As dialog now has the initial focus
  • BugFix: Files in the compression tool can no longer be added twice
  • BugFix: Fixed the debug console
  • BugFix: Fixed an app crash when printing a range of pages

More information about the changes are available in our official changelog at https://en.pdf24.org/pdf-creator-changelog.html.

Requests for future versions or bug reports are welcome and can be sent to forum@pdf24.org. We hope that you like the new version and if so, please share the new version with your friends.

PDF24 Creator 7.8.1 released

We have just released the new PDF24 Creator 7.8.1. The new version fixes several bugs. You can download the new version from our website. The changes are the following:

BugFix: Fixed several issues regarding the screen capture feature

  • Fixed issues on systems with DPI scaled screens
  • Fixed cursor flickering when selecting an area on the screen
  • Fixed black screen issue
  • Fixed issues on systems with multiple monitors

BugFix: Fixed an auto save file name issue

  • There was a minor bug in the auto save feature when using an output profile for file types like
    PNG, JPEG or other image file types. The produced filename still contained a suffix.

PDF24 Creator 7.8.0 released


we have just released the new PDF24 Creator 7.8.0. Both installers (EXE and MSI) are available for download from our website at www.pdf24.org. The new version brings new features, improvements and fixes bugs. Following is a list of changes:

Improvement: PDF Printer settings page improved
Settings of the PDF Printer page are now automatically applied when you change the current PDF printer or when you add a new one.

Feature: Variable $printerName added to the auto save feature
The new variable $printerName can be used in the auto save configuration. This variable will be replaced with the PDF printer name on which was printed.

Feature: PDF24 Mail Interface added
We have added the new PDF24 mail interface which you can use as alternative to the other ones. The other interfaces requires a locally installed mail application such as Outlook to send mails. A lot of users do not use such an email client. That’s the reason why we have added the PDF24 Mail interface. This is a online service which can be used to send mails with PDF24.

Feature: Enable/Disable components via a HKLM
You can now enable/disable components via the registry settings under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PDFPrint or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\PDFPrint.

Feature: NoUserOverride Flag added
The flag NoUserOverride can optionally be used in the printer service settings to prevent users from overriding the configuration of a PDF printer.

BugFix: Fixed Load on Creator option
You can select the application which opens when you print on the PDF printer. There is an option for the Creator. Sometimes the assistant opened instead of the creator because of a bug in the tool selection function. We have fixed that issue.

We hope you will have fun with the new version. The next version follows in a few weeks.

PDF24 Creator 7.7.0 released

We’ve just released the new PDF24 Creator 7.7.0. The new version brings new features, improvements and fixes bugs. The new version can be downloaded from our pages at www.pdf24.org.

Changes of version 7.7.0:

Feature: Support for multiple PDF printers
We have added support for multiple PDF printers. The changes of the software were a bit larger but now the feature is available. The installer installs you one PDF printer. More PDF printers can be added via the PDF Printer settings page. There you can find a PDF printer manager where you can manage and configure your PDF printers.

Improvement: Several minor improvements and fixes
This version brings some minor improvements and fixes. The following have also been changed:

  • Drag & Drop into the bottom bar of the Creator could crash the application
  • Fixed windows size issues of two GUI dialogs
  • PDF Printer installer tool extended and improved
  • GUI rendering engine extended so that the new PDF printer manager could be implemented
  • Improvements and adjustments of the installer

Have fun with the new version. Feedback can be send to forum@pdf24.org. If you like the new version, don’t forget to share it with your friends.