Add page numbers to the pages in a PDF

With PDF24 you can add PDF page numbers easily and free of charge. PDF24 has various tools for this purpose. The PDF24 Creator is a popular software for Windows, with which you can add page numbers very comfortably. The corresponding tool in the PDF24 online toolbox also makes this possible without installing any software. You can decide which tool you prefer.

Add PDF page numbers with the PDF24 Creator

This task is very easy with the PDF24 Creator. First open PDF24 Creator and drag the PDF file to which you want to add page numbers into the right pane. The area is marked accordingly. The PDF24 Creator opens your files and displays a preview.

Then click the Save As icon in the toolbar of the software to open the Save As options. In the options you will find the area for adding page numbers. Set the options according to your wishes.

Then continue saving. The page numbers are added and the PDF is saved.

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Add page numbers online to PDF files

If you do not want to install any software or you need an online tool to add page numbers quickly, the PDF24 online toolbox has the right one for you. PDF24 offers you various free online PDF tools with which you can easily solve many PDF problems and with one of them you can add page numbers. This is how it works:

  • Simply open the app with the link below.
  • Drag your PDF into the correspondingly marked file box.
  • The file is loaded and displayed.
  • Now set the options for the page numbers according to your wishes.
  • If everything fits, start the process and save your new PDF at the end.

Add PDF page numbers online

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