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Which Wordpress PDF plugins does pdf24.org provide?

pdf24.org provides two different Wordpress PDF plugins. The normal Wordpress PDF plugin is the most used PDF plugin from pdf24.org. With this plugin a visitor can export an article to PDF. The installation is very easy with the Wordpress plugin manager. Underneath each article a small box is displayed, with which a visitor can create the PDF.

More about the Wordpress PDF plugin

The second plugin, the Wordpress PDF sidebar plugin, displays a small box in the sidebar. An email address can be entered. This plugin exports all articles on the currently shown page. The installation is easy too.

More about the Wordpress PDF sidebar plugin

Each plugin is shipped with installation instructions.

Advantages of the Wordpress PDF plugins

  • Increases the quality of your blog
  • Title of the PDF is linked with your blog
  • Titles of articles in the PDF are linked with the articles in your blog
  • Increases the reach of your blog - it might be that created PDFs are forwarded to other people and that other people find your blog because of the linking.
  • Your blog or server don't need any special requirements
  • Created PDFs are sent by email - subject, sender and body of the email can be configured.
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