PDF24 Creator 6.8 released

We have released the new PDF24 Creator 6.8. The new version brings improvements and fixes some bugs. Changes are:

* BugFix: Fixed an auto save issue
* Improvement: Improved double clicks within the file explorer
* Improvement: Optimized Drag & Drop
* Improvement: Optimized Ghostscript calls
* BugFix: Fixed an unsynchronized access issue
* BugFix: Fixed a PDF lib issue

More detailed information about the changes are available within the PDF24 Creator changelog:

Please report us bugs by posting into our support forum or by sending us a mail directly to forum@pdf24.org.

If you miss a translation and if you can translate a language file into a language which we currently don’t have then it would be great when you send us your file so that we can deliver it within the PDF24 Creator setup. Information for translators are available here: http://en.pdf24.org/forum/about421.html

Development of the next version has been started. The next new version will be released in a few weeks.

Have a great day.

PDF24 Creator 6.7 released

We have published the next version of the FREE PDF Creator. The PDF24 Creator 6.7 brings new features and improvements and fixes bugs. The changes of this version are:

* Feature: PDF24 Creator can use the PDF24 Online PDF Converter
* BugFix: UrlLib issue fixed
* Improvement: Language file fixes and updates
* Improvement: Optimized auto save feature

Have a lot of fun with the new version.

PDF24 Creator 6.6 released

The new PDF24 Creator 6.6 brings some new features and improvements. The following changes are part of this version:

* Improvement: Control of default printer optimized
* Improvement: Mutex Locks optimized
* Feature: DocTool now has a shell print command
* Feature: DocTool can create PDF files from clipboard content
* Feature: DocTool can do file uploads
* Improvement: Converting files with the PDF printer optimized
* Improvement: Special handling for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files no longer required
* Improvement: Drag and Drop file import order optimized

The new version of the PDF Creator can be downloaded here:


The changelog contains more information about the changes and is available here:


There is also a MSI version which can also be downloaded from the download page mentioned above.

Have fun with the new version.

PDF24 Creator 6.5 released

The new PDF24 Creator is available. The changes are the following:

* BugFix: Fixed a bug in the PDF lib
* BugFix: Image of the progress window did not scale
* Improvement: Moved a settings block
* Feature: Progress window can now be disabled in auto save feature
* BugFix: Language files fixed

More information about the changes can be found in the PDF24 Creator changelog.

New PDF24 Creator 6.4.1 released

The free PDF24 Creator 6.4.1 is available for download. The changes are:

* BugFix: TWAIN Import Bug fixed
* BugFix: Files were not signed in version 6.4.0
* Improvement: TEMP directory detection improved
* BugFix: Drag & Drop Bar fix added
* BugFix: PDF color model fixes added

Feel free to download the new version here: